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Site Prep

Each tradesman builds upon the work of the previous tradesman. Help us protect your home by assuring things are done right the first time. Lets do this right together!


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Shower Pan Instructions

The old SHOWER PAN/HOT MOP must be REMOVED to the studs and subfloor. The new tile backer must be installed after HOT MOP.


MUST recess/drop the shower subfloor to meet the water threshold requirement. A 4 inch drop to the subfloor is common. Most city codes require a 2 inch height difference between top of drain and water threshold. It is best to use a three part bolt-together adjustable strainer drains for damless showers.

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Deck and balcony preparation instructions

* We do not do flashing. You must consult your local code requirements and/or a general contractor to make sure this is done correctly.

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